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  • Best Combo Pack 1000gm

Best Combo Pack 1000gm

PAPAD COMBO | In stock | Papad and Vadi combo
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An Amritsari culinary specialty. The legendary Amritsari papad comes home infused with the right crispiness and flavor that make every meal seem so delicious. Amritsar’s special Kalimirch papar is a thin, crisp, disc-shaped food made from urad flour seasoned with Kalimirch (black pepper). It has ‎a hot n spicy mouth watering flavor. Papadum, papar, or papads are typically served as an accompaniment to a meal or as an appetizer or snack, sometimes with toppings such as chopped onions, chopped carrots, chutneys or other dips, and condiments..

Amritsar Vadi : A ready to cook product from Flavors of Punjab to relish and munch on at any time of the day, the Amritsari Vadiyaan Spicy is for those who like things spicy and interesting. Made from soaked lentils that is ground to a coarse paste with spices like jeera, hing and salt, this spicy product will give you a burst of flavor with every bite..


This pack total weight is 1Kg 200gm Jeera Papad, Ajwain Papad 200gm, 200gm Lahsun Papad, 200gm Kali Mirch Papad and 200gm Masala Vadi.

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