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Jamun Honey

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Mom Tastes Jamun Honey is extracted from the bees that collect honey from the Jamun flowers. No additional flavor is added. It gets a distinct color, flavor, and aroma because of the flowers from which it is extracted. It is collected from the Bihar region and is harvested in August when the Jamun flowers blossoms. Features: Rich source of antioxidants. Distinct flavor. An Excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Calming agent. Extensively used in Ayurveda for its medicinal value. Benefits of Jamun Honey: It contains 1:1 fructose to glucose. Fructose unlocks the enzyme required to convert glucose to glycogen which is essential fuel for prolonged exercise. Blood sugar: It may improve blood sugar control and can be okay to be consumed by a diabetic. Individuals with diabetes type 1 showed better tolerance to this honey. It helps in reducing weight: It is advisable to have warm water with honey on an empty stomach as first thing in the morning. It is the main necessity of any detox program. Prevents cardiovascular problems: Having it mixed with some cinnamon has proven to restore the wear and tear of arteries and veins and make the heart healthy Makes your skin glow: It is an ultimate organic skincare product, just dab a little honey and you let your skin absorb all its blemishes and dark spots overnight. Cures indigestion: Two spoons of this product are all it takes to treat indigestion. It also relieves acidity and gas. Boosts your energy: It is rich in natural sugars which are instant energy providers. It can help soothe injuries, reduce the healing time and prevent infection. Can improve eyesight. 

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